Social Action and Hollywood Chops, the Peculiar Career of Thor Halvorssen

The terms, “Renaissance man,” and, “Politically uncategorical,” have both been used to describe the noted political activist, Thor Halvorssen Mendoza, the son of the famous Venezualean investigative journalist and television CEO, Thor Halvorssen Hellum. One of the reasons why Mr. Halvorssen has earned such a reputation is due to the depth and breath of his work which extends well beyond the political arena. Though he is primarily known for social activism and his association with the highly regarded, non profit human rights institution, The Human Rights Foundation, a group he co-founded and chairs to this day, Halvorssen also has many ties and connections to Hollywood and the independent film circuit where he has produced numerous films, namely, documentaries that cover many of the topics his foundation attempts to bring to light. Watch Video Here .

Halvorssen’s first made headway in the world of cinema in the mid 2000s with work on the 2006 documentary film Hammer and Tickle. The film discusses how the commoners during the the reign of the Soviet Union utilized comedy and satirical humor to critique the repressive political power structure right under Stalin’s nose. That same year Halvorssen executive produced the documentary, Freedom’s Fury, another documentary which focused in on infamous Melbourne Olympic games, specifically the water polo match between Hungary and Russia in which, tensions boiled over to such a point due to political strains between the two countries that the match ended in bloodshed, earning the event the historical title of the Blood in the Water Match.

From there Thor would produce The Singing Revolution, another documentary film which focused on Soviet corruption and the various and hopeful ways the Estonians of that time period used songs as covert political measures to resist their oppressors.

In 2007 he produced two films, both of which recieved generally positive reviews, the first of which was The Sugar Babies, a documentary which looked into the corruption surrounding the sugar trade in Haiti and then, later that same year, he produced the film for which he is generally most widely known, Indoctrinate U. Indoctrinate U was one of the most widely talked about films that Halvorssen had done up until that point but also one of the most controversial and contended due to the fact that it examined the near totalitarian atmosphere which had taken hold of nearly all major and minor college campuses in the United States of America. Halvorssen continues to work in the field of film to this very day and is currently working with the X-Men 2 director, Bryan Singer, on a big screen adaptation of R. A. Heinlein’s science fiction classic, The Moon is a Harsh Mistress. Thor LinkedIn . for more.