Meet End Citizens United; A Leader In Supporting Democratic Candidates

In the recent past, End Citizens United has been hitting the headlines for the right reasons. Sometime back in 2008, the nonprofit organization made it to the headlines due to a court hearing presented by their lawyer James Bopp.

James Bopp had submitted the Washington, DC judges with an argument that his client should be allowed to air a movie on TV during the Democratic Presidential primaries. According to James Bopp, an Indiana based lawyer, this particular movie was nothing but a concept to show that Clinton was a remorseless political plotter as well as a European socialist. The three-judge panel felt that Bopp’s argument was baseless and disposed of the case.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) firmly believed that the film violated the primary season regulations and guidelines. The commission argued that the 90-minute movie about Clinton couldn’t be aired during that period. Besides, the film shouldn’t be advertised at all cost, since after all, it didn’t declare who would receive payments for it. However, James Bopp felt that the film creators were not given a First Amendment Protection as the movie was not different from what one would watch on 60 minutes film. Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed the judicial rulings, a move that sided with many of Bopp’s arguments. As a result, many of the campaign-finance laws were wiped out.

However, not long ago, the nonprofit organization hit the headlines again with some good news. For a period now, End Citizens United has been supporting the Democrats elected to the Congress. Therefore, the organization established a campaign to have more Democrats joining the parliament. Not long ago, the group announced to have collected about $4 million supposed to support the new campaign. The raised amount was a collection from the first three months of 2017. While establishing the campaign, the organization had promised to raise more than $35 million the next midterm elections for the Congress, scheduled to take place before 2018 midterm.

The campaign had attracted the attention of big platforms such as the USA TODAY. USA TODAY revealed that the $35 million would be an addition to existing $25 million in the organization’s savings. The group firmly believes that after achieving the target, it will be in a position to bring more Democratic candidates to the Congress.

According to the agency’s top officials, the raised funds will bring more Democratic candidates into the congress that will assist in the creation of enabling the environment to amend the Constitution. As a result, it will be much easier to reverse the Supreme Court decision about the sources of campaign funds. According to End Citizens United, the ruling which supported Citizens United arguments is likely to bring dirty money into politics through PACs.

End Citizens United Opposes Overturning The Johnson Amendment

The Johnson Amendment, passed in the 1950s, prevents churches and non-profit organizations from getting involved in politics. Although preachers regularly preach their politics from the pulpit, organizations cannot get involved in political campaigns. The amendment has worked for many years, but a growing movement in Washington wants to allow churches and non-profits to donate to and get involved in political campaigns. End Citizens United, along with over 100 faith-based organizations, opposes the move.

End Citizens United believes the move is politically motivated, as are many other moves that come out of Washington. Churches tend to be conservative organizations and are more likely to donate to Republican causes. Many of the representatives and senators who support the measure belong to the Republican Party, according to the Bangor Daily News.

One reporter believes that repealing the Johnson Amendment would give churches a lot of political power and would almost exclusively benefit one party. While there are churches that tend to favor Democratic candidates, many churches favor the other major party in American politics.


End Citizens United formed in an attempt to get big money out of politics, and they oppose any motion that would allow the current situation to continue. When the United States Supreme Court handed down the controversial decision that overturned parts of the McCain-Feingold act, a group of concerned citizens formed to protest the action.

End Citizens United finds themselves joined by many church pastors who believe that appealing the Johnson amendment may allow later politicians to exempt them of their tax-exempt status. When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Roman Catholic Church helped defeat the efforts, many people called for these churches to lose their tax exempt status. The efforts to strip the tax exempt status of these organizations failed, and laws such as Proposition 8 were later overturned by another supreme court decision. Staying out of politics helps the churches financially, and it allows them to focus on their charitable and religious work.

Members of the grassroots organization continue to work towards comprehensive reform. They want to make sure that private citizens and large corporations have an equal say in how their government is run. To date, the organization has relied on small contributions from middle class and working class donors.

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