A Review Of The Migrant Rights Groups That Stood Against Trump’s Executive Order

The swearing in of Donald Trump brought with it numerous challenges on migrant rights. The new American president had pledged to bar individuals from a number of Middle East countries from entering the United States. Within a few days of being in office, Trump signed an executive order to officially make his promise a law. Read more; Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

This situation resulted into grave migrant rights violations with thousands of migrants being arrested or detained in American airports. Most of the victims of the executive order made by the president found it difficult to access quality food, medical services, and their individual freedom.

According to human rights advocate groups, the order was a violation to civil, human, and migrant rights of the victims. To this end, dozens of migrant rights advocate groups come out to ensure that America remained true to the dreams of the founding fathers by advocating for their rights.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project was one of the key organizations that were involved in the campaigns. Using its network of 350 pro-bono lawyers, the company represented the victims in courts and sought for a stay in the executive order.

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project was successful in their operations as they received solid funding from thousands of donors across the nation. These donors included different charity groups such as Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Learn more about Jim Larkin Michael Lacey:  http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/new-times-founders-helping-fund-latino-program-at-asu-journalism-school-6661821

National Immigration Law Center is the second organization that was heavily involved in fighting for the civil, human, and migrant rights of the immigrants. The organization focused on enhancing impact legislation, advocacy, good communication, policy analysis, and education programs. The corporation targets migrants from low-income bracket.

With a number of victims being women, MPower Change played a central role in fighting for their rights. The organization is a digital Muslim-led political talking forum. One of its leaders is Aisha al-Adawayi, the founder of Women in Islam.

The organization engages in campaigns, grassroots organizing, and storytelling with the aim of empowering Muslims across the United States. Linda Sarsour is also a leader of the organization. She is the organizer of Women’s March.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The charity organization was established with the objective of funding migrant rights organizations to ensure they are well equipped to handle migrant rights abuses in the US.

The Fund started with a kitty of $3.75 million, which was awarded to them as settlement money following their wrongful arrest by Maricopa sheriff Joe Arpaio. To date, they have funded many organizations fighting for civic participation and freedom of speech in Arizona.

Lacey and Larkin’s Fight for Civil Rights

Even when people have a civil right on paper, that does not mean that they have that right and that it will be completely protected. There will always be corruption and someone who is working to fight against human rights.

There will always be someone who is prejudiced and there will always be people who have to make sure that they are getting the rights that they deserve. They also have to make sure that they are fighting against the issues that come from these rights and there is a lot of work that has to be done to ensure that people can have these rights without any issues.

Since most people do not have a lot of money that is extra to spend on fighting for their rights, it is up to people who are helping them and up to those who have a desire to change things for others.

Since Lacey and Larkin know what to do and know how to help people, they are sure that they can provide them with these things when they are going through civil rights cases. They also know that they can ensure that people will not have to worry about money while going through these cases.

The men are so sure about this because they have the Frontera Fund. This is what they set up to help people with their issues and it is an organization that has made a huge difference for people who are dealing with civil rights violations.

Lacey and Larkin are confident that they can continue helping people so that they will be able to truly enjoy their lives instead of just dealing with civil rights problems all of the time. For Lacey and Larkin to be able to do this, they have to always make sure that they are helping people out with their own issues.

When Lacey and Larkin first started out with the Frontera Fund, it was relatively small compared to some of the other institutions that were in the area, but they knew that they could grow it.

Starting out with just over three million dollars allowed the men to have a small boost and gave them the help that they needed to ensure that they would be able to continue with their fight for civil rights. They wanted to make sure that they were doing things the right way and the Frontera Fund gave them that assurance to do all of this.

While Lacey and Larkin have had many different things that they are doing, they know that they will be able to help other people out when they are using the Frontera Fund. They still keep up with the journalism efforts that they started with, but they are now confident that they can do more thanks to the organization.

Lacey and Larkin are going to continue helping people and providing them with the money that they need. They are also going to continue publishing information about civil rights on their website.