Lori Senecal’s to Exit CP&B at the End of the Year

Lori Senecal was elected as the first Global CEO of CP&B in March 2015. When hiring her, the Chairman, Chuck Porter said he was impressed by Lori’s management and organization skills. According to Porter, the shop gained more from Lori’s services than he had anticipated. Since she was hired, the company has never lost even a single client, which is mindboggling considering today’s industry. The contract between CP&B and Lori is ending this year.

Lori’s Achievements while Working at CP&B

During her tenure with the shop, Lori has helped the shop gain a lot. Her first achievement was the signing of advertising deal with the American Airlines. According to Ad Week, before signing the deal with CP&B, the American Airlines had worked with TM Advertising for 25 years. Speaking about Lori’s exit from the shop, Porter praised her hard work and said that she helped CP&B in improving its online presence.

He also said he would be working closely with Lori to help wisely choose the next generation team to take over after Lori Senecal leaves the shop. So far, the shop’s management transition is already taking shape with Danielle Aldrich being made the president of the CP&B West, which includes Los Angeles and Boulder branches.

About Lori Senecal

Lori Senecal earned her degree from the McGill University and today she is mostly known for her contribution to the advertising and marketing industry. She has the traits of using innovative technology to help solve various business challenges. Her robustness has made her work for renowned advertising firms. Currently, she serves as the Global CEO of the CP&B where she has contributed to the growth and development of the agency. Before joining the firm, Lori was the Global Executive Chairman of KBS.

In her capacity as a marketer, Lori Senecal has helped several brands including Xbox and Coca-Cola in their marketing campaigns. One of her strongest characteristics is the capability to face challenges and executing ideas. These are the traits that helped her raise the status KBS from a local agency to a global agency with over 1800 employees.

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