Flavio Maluf Points out the Economic Implications of the UK Exiting the European Union

Flavio Maluf is an acclaimed executive in Brazil. He is known for being outspoken on a variety of issues, precisely those concerning economics. Last year, Flavio could not fail to analyze a historical situation that would affect the global economy, Brexit. He pointed out four implications that would be triggered by the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU.


  • British Economy


In this case, Flavio Maluf drew the impact from Paulo Figueiredo, the director of operations of FN Capital. Paulo asserted that the UK’s departure would result in a significant decline in the investments it receives. Further, the end of free movement of goods and people between EU member countries would trigger adverse outcomes.


  • Foreign Trade in Europe and the UK


Flavio suggested that the exit from the EU would mean that the UK would institute new rates on quotas and tariffs. This would most likely affect its foreign trade with the EU negatively.


  • Brazilian Imports and Exports


According to Flavio, Brazil stood a high chance of benefiting from bilateral agreements with the UK. Nonetheless, he said the benefits would be minimal since the UK is not a top trading partner of Brazil.


  • European Union


The exit would mean a significant loss for the EU as most of its structures were centered around the UK, France and Germany. With France displaying weakness in its economy, it is up to Germany to support the EU economically.


About Flavio Maluf


Flavio Maluf is the current president of Eucatex Group. He assumed the role after succeeding his uncle who was at the time the company’s president. Flavio had to familiarize himself with different aspects of the company in a bid to run it appropriately. As a result, Flavio embarked on his career at Eucatex by first working in the trade area for several years before moving to the industrial division.


Since taking up the president’s role, Flavio Maluf embarked on the modernization process. He has maintained an aggressive profile in that he continuously seeks not only the success but also the perfection of Eucatex on a daily basis. Aside from Eucatex, Flavio has a mechanical engineering degree from Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation coupled with administration studies from the New York University.

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