Flavio Maluf Explains the Economic Impacts of the Brexit Vote

In mid-2016, British citizens took part in a historic vote, which saw the country severe economic and political ties with the European Union. Brazilian businessman and corporate executive, Flavio Maluf, asserts that the withdrawal of the UK from the European bloc is likely to have both immediate and long-term implications on the global economy. According to Maluf, trade and investments between Britain and its former allies within the EU bloc will reduce.


Trade barriers are already being imposed. It should be noted that these tariffs didn’t exist previously. Despite this, Maluf opines that the withdrawal presents countries like Brazil an ample opportunity to form multilateral trade agreements with the United Kingdom. At the moment, the two countries do not have any significant ties. In addition, they are not each other’s main trade partner. Therefore, there is need to strengthen cultural and economic ties between the two since both stand to benefit significantly. The ties are likely to be fortified by the fact that Brazil no longer has to deal with the EU first when engaging with Britain.


Brief Notes About Flavio Maluf


Flavio is the current President and Board chairman of Brazilian conglomerate, Eucatex. This is a family owned corporation whose heritage spans more than 50 years. Flavio has served in different positions within Eucatex for the past two decades. He has a solid academic background having graduated with law and mechanical engineering degrees from Sao Paolo’s Fundação Armando Alvares Penteado Foundation (FAAP). Besides this, Mr. Maluf attended the New York University where he earned an MBA.


Mr. Maluf also heads Grand Food, a subsidiary of Eucatex. Nonetheless, what has catapulted him to global fame within the corporate world is his transformative leadership. His stewardship has been characterized by massive growth and expansion to previously uncharted domains. Besides this, he has helped modernize operations at Eucatex. As a result, the firm has consolidated its position as the leading supplier of construction components such as floor tiles and ceiling panels. It mainly supplies its products to construction and furniture companies. Eucatex is also involved in environmental conservation efforts and the improvement of livelihoods among local communities throughout Brazil.

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  1. Flavio has his opinion and his view about the future of Britain out of Europe economically, I think Europe will gain more. However surfessay can give the insight to prove that the best results could be Brexit and it is the choice of the analyst to make it it will be so for real.

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