Food Preparation News: OSI Group Purchases Flagship Europe

Consolidating the food service industry has been one of the goals of one of America’s Top 100 food companies: the OSI Group. The latest acquisition involves Flagship Europe. This recent acquisition serves two purposes: 1. increases the brands’ presence in Europe and 2. expands its product line.

“Brexit Business Opportunities”
Many individuals and companies are still unsure of the full ramifications of Brexit. This vote represented the uncertainty, frustration and rejection of the present European Union politics. The good news is that Brexit may offer a number of corporate acquisition possibilities for the astute.

Previously, British food services were focused on providing products for the entire continent. As the European Union has struggled, some might have decided to cut back. Now, the OSI Group can purchase the high-quality UK food businesses, which might want to readjust their long-term plans.

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“Expanding Food Line”

Nowadays, there is no reason to “reinvent the wheel,” there are already plenty of great foods to find, all around the world.

OSI Group acquisitions take fully-developed food product lines with sales staff and customers, adding them to its strong business management team with its solid capital resources. Banks are less hesitant to lend to large conglomerations.  Everyone wins with these food service acquisitions.

“Capital Resources for Expansion”

Flagship Europe supplies mayonnaise, sauces, dressings, sous vide products, pies and frozen poultry to the UK market. After the Brexit vote, its European funding sources might have dried up. Now, it can expand with the addition of OSI Group funding.

Flagship Europe’s chief executive Russell Maddock said that new OSI Group capital sources, clients and markets “will enable us to serve our customers better and support our already successful business.”

OSI COO David McDonald said that Flagship’s addition will give “OSI a broader presence in Europe. The company’s portfolio of products and brands complements OSI’s current processing strengths while broadening our capabilities to best serve the evolving needs of our customers.” Everybody wins.

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Lips A Good Part Of Beauty

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Dr. Avi Weisfogel: Helping Dentists To Treat Sleep Problems

Sleep is something many people take for granted. They lay down each night and go to sleep without a problem. But for a growing number of people worldwide getting a good night sleep remains only a dream. Many of these people suffer with sleep apnea and other breathing related sleep problem. Dr. Avi Weisfogel can help. For almost 20 years he’s been doing research and working with patients and dentists to come up with innovative techniques for using dental services and dental appliances to help people suffering from sleep apnea and other types of sleep problems.

After graduating from Rutgers University with a bachelor’s degree in biology and psychology, Avi Weisfogel enrolled at the NYU College of Dentistry to work on his DDS. While there he became aware dental services might be able to help people suffering with sleep problems. Weisfogel then began to do research on the connection between dental services and sleep problems. Over the past decade and a half he’s been able to make a number of breakthroughs that have improved the ability of patients with sleep problems to get some sleep.

Dr. Weisfogel now has in-depth knowledge about sleep apnea and other sleep problems and addresses them through his dental practice. He also works with many other dentists nationally and worldwide to identify potential patients and treat them. He has also helped many dentists to expand their practices to offer treatment for people with breathing related sleep problems. And Dr. Weisfogel’s work is not yet complete. He continues to lecture and work with people from a wide array of industries to create treatments for sleep problems.

Dr. Weisfogel uses his knowledge and experience treating sleep apnea to increase awareness that dentists can help patients with sleep problems get the treatment they need. He also helps dentists with staff training, online screening, business practice methods, billing methods and more to enable them to begin treating sleep disorders in their dental practices.