A Review Of The Migrant Rights Groups That Stood Against Trump’s Executive Order

The swearing in of Donald Trump brought with it numerous challenges on migrant rights. The new American president had pledged to bar individuals from a number of Middle East countries from entering the United States. Within a few days of being in office, Trump signed an executive order to officially make his promise a law. Read more; Michael Lacey | Twitter and Jim Larkin | LinkedIn

This situation resulted into grave migrant rights violations with thousands of migrants being arrested or detained in American airports. Most of the victims of the executive order made by the president found it difficult to access quality food, medical services, and their individual freedom.

According to human rights advocate groups, the order was a violation to civil, human, and migrant rights of the victims. To this end, dozens of migrant rights advocate groups come out to ensure that America remained true to the dreams of the founding fathers by advocating for their rights.

Northwest Immigrant Rights Project was one of the key organizations that were involved in the campaigns. Using its network of 350 pro-bono lawyers, the company represented the victims in courts and sought for a stay in the executive order.

The Northwest Immigrant Rights Project was successful in their operations as they received solid funding from thousands of donors across the nation. These donors included different charity groups such as Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. Learn more about Jim Larkin Michael Lacey:  http://www.phoenixnewtimes.com/news/new-times-founders-helping-fund-latino-program-at-asu-journalism-school-6661821

National Immigration Law Center is the second organization that was heavily involved in fighting for the civil, human, and migrant rights of the immigrants. The organization focused on enhancing impact legislation, advocacy, good communication, policy analysis, and education programs. The corporation targets migrants from low-income bracket.

With a number of victims being women, MPower Change played a central role in fighting for their rights. The organization is a digital Muslim-led political talking forum. One of its leaders is Aisha al-Adawayi, the founder of Women in Islam.

The organization engages in campaigns, grassroots organizing, and storytelling with the aim of empowering Muslims across the United States. Linda Sarsour is also a leader of the organization. She is the organizer of Women’s March.

About Lacey & Larkin Frontera Fund

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are the founders of Lacey and Larkin Frontera Fund. The charity organization was established with the objective of funding migrant rights organizations to ensure they are well equipped to handle migrant rights abuses in the US.

The Fund started with a kitty of $3.75 million, which was awarded to them as settlement money following their wrongful arrest by Maricopa sheriff Joe Arpaio. To date, they have funded many organizations fighting for civic participation and freedom of speech in Arizona.

How Market America Events Help Investors Increase Their Growth Potential

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Jim Larkin

Jim Larkin (21 January 1876-30 January 1947) was born to Irish parents in Liverpool, England. He started working part-time as a child and going to school in the mornings. His family moved to Burren, southern County Down, in Ireland. Jim Larkin attempted an apprenticeship at the firm his father had worked for until his father died, and he was fired in two years.

He found employment as a sailor and a dock foreman (1903). He started organizing unions in 1905, and headed a foreman’s strike on the Liverpool docks as they fought for better conditions.

He joined the National Union of Dock Laborers (NUDL), as a temporary organizer. Larkin managed to succeed in uniting Catholic and Protestant workers to fight for reduced hours spent working. He had one goal as an activist, which was to create a union fighting for worker’s rights.

In 1908, as part of Irish Transport and General Workers Union (ITGW), he fought for an 8-hour day, more work for unemployed people, and pensions for workers 60 or older. In 1912, the Irish Labor Party was formed. In 1913, the Dublin Lockout was this group’s signature protest action. Read more: Jim Larkin – Biography

100,000 workers went on strike for better conditions. In 1914, Jim Larkin immigrated to the United State, which disappointed some. He joined the Socialist Party of America as well as the Industrial Workers of the World Union. He became sympathetic to the Soviets. Larkin left the Socialist Party of America.

Jim Larkin joined the American Communist Party and was jailed in 1920. In 1923, he was pardoned by Al Smith, the governor of New York who deported him back to Ireland where there was a Civil War.

Larkin was charged with libel on Tom Johnston, a British activist from Soviet Red International of Labor Unions. He also joined The Communist Party of Great Britain activist Bob Stewart who wanted to establish a communist party with Larkin but was unsuccessful.

He attempted to run for office in 1927 although he could not take office because he owed money. In 1936, he regained his Dublin Corporation job. By the year 1941, a new trade union bill, was established.

Larkin campaigned against this bill successfully since it involved restructuring trade unions in a way that the workers did not necessarily agree with. He served as Labor Party Deputy from 1943-1944 in Dáil Éireann and died in his sleep on 30 January 1947.


Meet End Citizens United; A Leader In Supporting Democratic Candidates

In the recent past, End Citizens United has been hitting the headlines for the right reasons. Sometime back in 2008, the nonprofit organization made it to the headlines due to a court hearing presented by their lawyer James Bopp.

James Bopp had submitted the Washington, DC judges with an argument that his client should be allowed to air a movie on TV during the Democratic Presidential primaries. According to James Bopp, an Indiana based lawyer, this particular movie was nothing but a concept to show that Clinton was a remorseless political plotter as well as a European socialist. The three-judge panel felt that Bopp’s argument was baseless and disposed of the case.

The Federal Election Commission (FEC) firmly believed that the film violated the primary season regulations and guidelines. The commission argued that the 90-minute movie about Clinton couldn’t be aired during that period. Besides, the film shouldn’t be advertised at all cost, since after all, it didn’t declare who would receive payments for it. However, James Bopp felt that the film creators were not given a First Amendment Protection as the movie was not different from what one would watch on 60 minutes film. Two years later, the Supreme Court reversed the judicial rulings, a move that sided with many of Bopp’s arguments. As a result, many of the campaign-finance laws were wiped out.

However, not long ago, the nonprofit organization hit the headlines again with some good news. For a period now, End Citizens United has been supporting the Democrats elected to the Congress. Therefore, the organization established a campaign to have more Democrats joining the parliament. Not long ago, the group announced to have collected about $4 million supposed to support the new campaign. The raised amount was a collection from the first three months of 2017. While establishing the campaign, the organization had promised to raise more than $35 million the next midterm elections for the Congress, scheduled to take place before 2018 midterm.

The campaign had attracted the attention of big platforms such as the USA TODAY. USA TODAY revealed that the $35 million would be an addition to existing $25 million in the organization’s savings. The group firmly believes that after achieving the target, it will be in a position to bring more Democratic candidates to the Congress.

According to the agency’s top officials, the raised funds will bring more Democratic candidates into the congress that will assist in the creation of enabling the environment to amend the Constitution. As a result, it will be much easier to reverse the Supreme Court decision about the sources of campaign funds. According to End Citizens United, the ruling which supported Citizens United arguments is likely to bring dirty money into politics through PACs.

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Securus Technologies – Making a Positive Impact on the Lives of Prisoners and Their Loved Ones

I used the services of Securus Technologies when my boyfriend was sentenced to 18 months in Florida State Prison System. While I was reluctant at first about their services, I was surprised at the way their entire system is set up in prison making it easy for me to stay in touch with my boyfriend during that time. Being the primary support of my boyfriend, I used to receive a call from my boyfriend almost every other day, and their nominal charges allowed me to afford that. Their call charges are also transparent, and there is no ambiguity with the amount that was charged any day.


While other prisons charge hefty amount on calls from prisons, Securus charges nominal fares that the prisoners and their family members can afford. From my personal experience, the quality of calls was also excellent, and there were hardly any drop calls. The company has a great customer service department who are ready to answer any queries that you might have. The first time I called them up to know about their charges, I was not disappointed. All my questions were answered clearly and with respect.


Securus Technologies also started their video visitation services, and it made it easy for me to talk to my boyfriend. I could easily speak to him on our birthdays, and I did not have to miss a single day of work because of that. Also, I saved a lot of money that I used to spend on driving to the prison before, but that all changed now. Over the years, Securus Technologies has added new services to the prison industry that has made it easy for the families of the prisoners to stay in touch with our loved ones. I feel that Securus Technologies truly understand what we go through and provide services to make our lives easier.

A Few Tips from Brazilian Investor, Igor Cornelsen

Whenever you consider investing in anything, you must have adequate knowledge of what you are getting involved in. Investing is not a get-rich-quick scam or an easy gamble as a number of potential investors conclude as it focusses more on your long-term goal. It needs you to be not only objective but also patient. In this field, Igor Cornelsen is focused and plays his cards right every time.
Igor Cornelsen is an incredible investment adviser who works at ensuring that new investors start off well and make the best out of their principals. To do this, Mr. Igor goes through portfolios of different individuals so as to offer the best, customized advice on the most appropriate stock market.
Brazil has the eighth largest economy in the world and China’s greatest trader. They are good export competitors to the rest of the world. On the other hand, when it comes to banking, Brazil has been left behind since the residents are ignorant on such matters. Igor is a Brazilian willing to share a few tips with his fellow Brazilians.
1. Be aware of the restrictions on foreign currency
If you are not a resident of a certain country, it is important to be connected to a bank that can handle foreign currency. Also, be informed of the interest rates and that they fluctuate depending on the nature of a given transaction. This will be helpful in being accurate in following up with your investments.
2. Be ready for the red tape
When getting into the Brazilian market, there are some rules and regulations that you must know and strictly follow them. Some of them include the high tax rates, the rigid labor market that is restrictive and also the complexity that comes with the investment market. However, with patience, an investor is bound to reap bounty returns in the end.
3. Maintain connections and networks with the Brazilian residents
As an entrepreneur, it is crucial to keep the connections and networks to be successful. The Brazilian residents are friendly and will appreciate any information given to them especially if it is based on a personal experience.
Although the stock prices were not cut down, not all investors were scared off easily. Even with a GDP of 2%in the past 6years.

End Citizens United Opposes Overturning The Johnson Amendment

The Johnson Amendment, passed in the 1950s, prevents churches and non-profit organizations from getting involved in politics. Although preachers regularly preach their politics from the pulpit, organizations cannot get involved in political campaigns. The amendment has worked for many years, but a growing movement in Washington wants to allow churches and non-profits to donate to and get involved in political campaigns. End Citizens United, along with over 100 faith-based organizations, opposes the move.

End Citizens United believes the move is politically motivated, as are many other moves that come out of Washington. Churches tend to be conservative organizations and are more likely to donate to Republican causes. Many of the representatives and senators who support the measure belong to the Republican Party, according to the Bangor Daily News.

One reporter believes that repealing the Johnson Amendment would give churches a lot of political power and would almost exclusively benefit one party. While there are churches that tend to favor Democratic candidates, many churches favor the other major party in American politics.

Read more on Crunchbase.com

End Citizens United formed in an attempt to get big money out of politics, and they oppose any motion that would allow the current situation to continue. When the United States Supreme Court handed down the controversial decision that overturned parts of the McCain-Feingold act, a group of concerned citizens formed to protest the action.

End Citizens United finds themselves joined by many church pastors who believe that appealing the Johnson amendment may allow later politicians to exempt them of their tax-exempt status. When the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and the Roman Catholic Church helped defeat the efforts, many people called for these churches to lose their tax exempt status. The efforts to strip the tax exempt status of these organizations failed, and laws such as Proposition 8 were later overturned by another supreme court decision. Staying out of politics helps the churches financially, and it allows them to focus on their charitable and religious work.

Members of the grassroots organization continue to work towards comprehensive reform. They want to make sure that private citizens and large corporations have an equal say in how their government is run. To date, the organization has relied on small contributions from middle class and working class donors.

Find more about End Citizens United: https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2016/04/how-to-reverse-citizens-united/471504/

Lacey and Larkin’s Fight for Civil Rights

Even when people have a civil right on paper, that does not mean that they have that right and that it will be completely protected. There will always be corruption and someone who is working to fight against human rights.

There will always be someone who is prejudiced and there will always be people who have to make sure that they are getting the rights that they deserve. They also have to make sure that they are fighting against the issues that come from these rights and there is a lot of work that has to be done to ensure that people can have these rights without any issues.

Since most people do not have a lot of money that is extra to spend on fighting for their rights, it is up to people who are helping them and up to those who have a desire to change things for others.

Since Lacey and Larkin know what to do and know how to help people, they are sure that they can provide them with these things when they are going through civil rights cases. They also know that they can ensure that people will not have to worry about money while going through these cases.

The men are so sure about this because they have the Frontera Fund. This is what they set up to help people with their issues and it is an organization that has made a huge difference for people who are dealing with civil rights violations.

Lacey and Larkin are confident that they can continue helping people so that they will be able to truly enjoy their lives instead of just dealing with civil rights problems all of the time. For Lacey and Larkin to be able to do this, they have to always make sure that they are helping people out with their own issues.

When Lacey and Larkin first started out with the Frontera Fund, it was relatively small compared to some of the other institutions that were in the area, but they knew that they could grow it.

Starting out with just over three million dollars allowed the men to have a small boost and gave them the help that they needed to ensure that they would be able to continue with their fight for civil rights. They wanted to make sure that they were doing things the right way and the Frontera Fund gave them that assurance to do all of this.

While Lacey and Larkin have had many different things that they are doing, they know that they will be able to help other people out when they are using the Frontera Fund. They still keep up with the journalism efforts that they started with, but they are now confident that they can do more thanks to the organization.

Lacey and Larkin are going to continue helping people and providing them with the money that they need. They are also going to continue publishing information about civil rights on their website.