Why Malini Saba Is a Force to Reckon With In Investment and Philanthropy

It is everyone’s dream to make the world a better place. Whether you intend to make a financial donation or aid in the supply of essential commodities, you should find the commitment and strength to fulfill such an undertaking. Malini Saba has emerged as one of the most dedicated philanthropists from South Asia. Her humanitarian efforts have been widely documented and lauded by influential personalities. Her philanthropic contributions majorly focus on uplifting the living standards of women and children across the world.


Saba serves as the CEO and Chairperson of Saban Group of Industries. The private investment firm is rooted in various industries such as entertainment, media, communication and real estate. Malini is an excellent example of a rag to riches story. Aged 19 and with barely enough income in her pocket, she moved to the U.S to pursue her dreams. Fast forward today, her company has invested in more than 20 technology firms. As a Silicon Valley venture capitalist, she possesses invaluable knowledge and skills that have put her on the world map. Moreover, she strongly believes in hard work as a vital component for success.


About Stree Foundation


Apart from handling corporate duties, Malini also runs Stree, a nonprofit organization based in the U.S. Formed in 2001, the Foundation focuses on changing the global perceptions of the less fortunate in society. To achieve this, she has collaborated with various stakeholders to improve access to health care, safe working environments and education to communities in India, Africa and Central America. In addition, she intends to promote human rights advocacy in Sri Lanka and Malaysia. Malini is no stranger to charity. She has donated $10 million to tsunami victims in Sri Lanka and $ 1 million to the first Heart Research Center in California.


Secrets behind Her Success


Despite being an Asian immigrant in the U.S, Malini Saba overcame all challenges to be the successful woman she is today. For starters, she overcame the fear of turning a great idea into a viable business opportunity. According to her, entrepreneurs ought to view fear as their worst enemy and face it head on to accomplish their dreams. Furthermore, she emphasizes the value of knowing and understanding your employees while establishing a reputable brand. Employees ought to be motivated and guided rather than bossed around.


On the other hand, originality and creativity are defining factors for success in a rapidly changing business environment. For a business to survive and thrive, entrepreneurs should come up with creative ideas to solve current challenges faced by customers. By doing so, they are assured of staying ahead of competitors.


Japan’s Prime Minister Thinks Brazil Is A Great Investment Opportunity


Brazil’s new President, Michel Temer, and Prime Minister Abe of Japan recently met in Tokyo to discuss a trade partnership as well as investment opportunities in Brazil. Brazil’s population is more than 200 million, so the country is a consumer mecca for Japanese products. More than 700 Japanese companies have a presence in Brazil right now, but Japan has not been backing these companies because of the frosty relationship between Japan and Brazil over the past 11 years.

Prime Minister Abe was sincere when he said that Japan will encourage and enhance the relationship that Japanese companies have with Brazilian consumers and corporations. Temer also wants to expand Brazilian exports to Japan. In 2015, Brazilian exports to Japan amounted to $8.5 billion. In 2014, the export total was $10 billion. Increasing exports to Japan makes sense to Flavio Maluf, the current CEO, and president of the building material supplier, Eucatex. Eucatex ships several products to Japan, and Maluf wants to increase the company’s presence in the Japanese market.

Eucatex is one of Brazil’s premier corporations. Flavio Maluf has been in control of the family business for 20 years. Maluf has successfully shipped the Eucatex brands to home improvement stores around the world. One of Eucatex largest customers is Home Depot. Maluf wants to increase shelf space in those stores as well as similar stores in Asia and Europe.

Eucatex hasn’t always been a multi-product manufacturer and distributor. Flavio’s grandfather started the company with one product in the 1950s. That product was eucalyptus wood ceiling tiles. A ceiling tile made out of eucalyptus wood was a new item in Brazil, and the consumer and construction market loved it. The demand was so great that Eucatex started shipping the ceiling tiles to other Latin American countries.

Today, thanks to Flavio Maluf’s leadership, Eucatex is known around the world for making eco-friendly products. Those products are shipped under several brand names. Flavio Maluf has done an excellent job turning Eucatex into an environmentally friendly manufacturer. Maluf is concerned about the environment, and he is often asked to speak to groups about the importance of protecting the country’s natural resources.

The Kabbalah Centre for Spiritual Growth

For so many people, joining a spiritual group can help them to feel wanted and connected to the world around them. If you are having issues with finding a spiritual group that shares the same beliefs as you do, it might be a good idea for you to check out the Kabbalah Centre because this is one of the top spiritual networks in the country with more than 10,000 members. This might be the centre for you and it is definitely worth taking a look at if you would like to learn more.


One of the amazing things about Kabbalah Centre is that they constantly have different events and functions going on both for their seasoned members as well as brand new members who would simply like to learn more. What this means is that you can easily visit a function with the Kabbalah Centre and learn as much as possible about it so that you can see if it is right for you before becoming a member. More and more people are realizing that this is one of the best spiritual centres in the country and so they are joining simply because they want to be around people who share the same beliefs as they do.


Before doing anything else, you are going to want to visit Kabbalah Centre and its website so that you can learn as much as possible out about this amazing group before you consider joining it yourself. You can also visit social media to learn more because the Kabbalah Centre can be found there as well. You will find that the spiritual centre is a lot different than anything you have ever been to in the past and it is a great option for people of all ages and no matter what your spiritual background has been like for the rest of your life. Membership is a wonderful option for those who are interested in this amazing group and this is why it is worth taking a look at if you are looking to join something where people are able to mingle with you and share the same beliefs that you and your family happen to have.

Impress Your Loved Ones With A Secure Inmate Calling Network

Bad things happen to good people and Securus Technologies understands that and provides superior inmate calling features to thousands of inmates and their families. They are known for being one of the leading correctional calling regulators in the industry. Their network is trusted by thousands of people across the nation. You can rest assured that with Securus your calls are monitored and controlled for quality assurance. In fact, the Public Utility Commission works with Securus to ensure that your needs as one of their customers are met by putting you first. Customers are guaranteed to get every minute specified under their service agreement.


A recent PRN Newswire article has highlighted the fact that Certification 1 approval from eleven of Securus Technologies sister companies has allowed them to take their services to a global forefront. Now they have been able to train over 234,000 IT professionals in communication, safety, and quality assurance. Certification 1 allows Securus to expand to a global network. They will ensure that inmates around the world will be able to talk to their loved ones. Most inmates will agree that being able to have access to the telephone is essential to getting their needs met.


Securus Technology Features


Telephone Debit


A telephone debit account allows their customers to be able to pay for many services in without ever having to leave home. If you have a valid debit or credit card you can pay for many services in advance with Securus Technologies.


Inmate Voicemail


Inmate voicemail is a great way for your loved ones to send a message when they want to by leaving their message on an inmates personalized account. They have the option of purchasing an access code from inside the facility that will allow them to retrieve messages.


Become a Securus Technologies member by joining their website today.

Should China Sell Bonds to Reduce Debt?

China is a country dealing with an unfortunate and excessive debt situation. The complexities of China’s economic troubles have many causes. The 2008 financial crisis hit China harder than other countries as China has not made a desirable rebound. China also suffered additional currency related problems further exacerbated the fiscal conditions in China. Now, solutions are emerging from the investment banking world: sell bonds and stocks in greater abundance.
The United States has been addressing its debt situation, in part, by selling bonds. China may be best served by doing the same. Experts in the investment banking world do seem to agree the sale of bonds and stocks would bring in a decent amount of investment capital to China. The capital would then offset a portion of the debt and, hopefully, reign it in.

Bonds are, in essence, loans. The Chinese government sells bonds for cash with an agreement to pay interest on the bonds. Granted, some may be worried about putting funds into Chinese bonds since the economy is in such weak shape. Still, China has a very large economy and is involved with significant multi-national trading. This would indicate the Chinese market is a safe haven for those hoping to buy international stocks and bonds. Of course, risk is going to be present with any type of investment made. No one should run into any type of investment without consulting with a knowledgeable professional.

Martin Lustgarten of Ponte Vedra Beach, FL is an experienced professional many turn to for investment banking advice and assistance. Lustgarten has also lived in – and performed financial duties – in Austria and Venezuela. This has allowed Lustgarten to gain a solid perspective on the investment banking and financial world.